Feds Take Action On Internet Scammers

from the scammers-beware dept

It seems the FTC is in need of a little good publicity concerning how they’re dealing with internet fraud. So, they announced that they’ve successfully stopped 19 online scams. Of course, no time period is given, so I assume this is from the beginning of time onward. This would mean, of course, that they’ve done next to nothing, as most of the scams they describe in the announcement are still occurring at rapid rates, and it’s unlikely they’ll ever catch up with most of these scam artists. If there were stories of thousands of scammers thrown in jail, or other such punishment that actually would make people worried about running online fraud shops, maybe it would make a difference. However, if the best they could do was bring down 19 scammers, I’d bet most others are not so worried that they’ll be the next needle in the haystack to be found. Update: This other article on the same story focuses on the 12 year prison sentence some scammers got, in order to deter others from putting up internet scams.

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