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As is fairly obvious, I read way too much technology news. It’s sometimes interesting to me to follow how a news story travels through various news sites, though. Most interesting is seeing who credits who for the finds. So, last Friday, NTK posted the story of Yahoo changing emails to protect people from random javascript attacks. They credit RISKS digest, who pointed out the problem well over a year ago. On Monday, Declan McCullugh put the story (from NTK) into his Politech mailing list. Declan, of course, recently joined the staff at, so it’s no surprise to find another reporter publishing the same story on Wednesday. They credit NTK, though, it’s hidden at the bottom. Now, Reuters has taken the story and published their own version where they credit for discovering the “flaw”. I’m not sure it’s fair to give credit for digging this up, but I guess that’s how it goes. Now, of course, we can expect all the various news sites that simply republish Reuters feeds to take that story Thursday and publish it.

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Comments on “Follow The Yahoo! Changing Mail Story”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given is always ripping off stories they find on Slashdot and other online places and not attributing them properly. Maybe their rationale is that Slashdot isn’t a news site and they’re getting first-hand sources by reading the user comments. I’m probably giving them too much credit though — they probably don’t need for a rationalization to rip off stories from other sites.

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