Starbucks Inundated With Fake Email Coupons

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Wednesday morning a friend of mine emailed an email “coupon” for a free drink at Starbucks. Not being a coffee drinker, I ignored it. A few hours later, (I assume after she tried and failed to use it) the same friend emailed again to say that the coupon was a fake. It seems my friend wasn’t the only one fooled. Starbucks all around the country today said that people showed up with fake coupons that were being emailed around. It seems like a pretty good prank – and some people even got a free drink out of it, before Starbucks sent out the word to stores to beware of the fake coupons. It is interesting to see, though, how quickly such a thing spread.

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Comments on “Starbucks Inundated With Fake Email Coupons”

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elwarren says:

New twist on an old prank...

This is just a new twist on an old office prank some friends and I used to play. It’s pretty simple really. Here’s how you can play at lunch today:
Find a restaraunt with one of those “drop your business card” jars. We’ve all seen these, they draw a card at random every week and you get a free lunch. When the cashier isn’t paying attention, reach in and take a handfull of cards.
Order, pay, and enjoy your lunch.
Call everyone who’s name you pulled out of the jar. Tell them that they have won a free lunch at the restaraunt, but they have to show up on a certain day to claim it.
Show up on that day, bring a few friends along if you’re feeling generous. It depends on the place, but they will be swamped with people all claiming a free lunch. Hop in line and get yours!

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