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There’s been a lot of hype about digital film technology, but very little acceptance. A lot of that has to do with the price. ABCNews has an article about a startup that’s working on a different projection technology that they say is much better. MaxVision48 isn’t digital. It just shows 48 frames per second instead of 24. The end result is (according to some people) much crisper. The equipment is much cheaper than digital, and it’s backwards compatible. Of course, if I remember correctly, the point at which the human can no longer distinguish a difference is significantly below 48 frames per second, so I’m not sure how big a difference it makes. And, as is pointed out at the end of the article, most movie goers simply don’t care. They don’t really have a problem with the picture quality of movies that are being shown today (though, they may have a problem with the content itself). If you’re improving on technology that is already considered “good enough” by most of your market, then you really need to offer something addtional beyond “better quality”.

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Comments on “Another New Movie Technology”

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Ed says:

Re: 24 fps

Yeah, the motion artifacts you see are due to 24fps. I’ve heard that the reason films are 24fps has nothing to do with visual quality, but with the speed needed to play back the sound strip that was recorded on the film. Earlier, silent films were 18fps.
I think that the limit of human perception is around 70 fps, although people who have to have the newest, fastest computer to play Quake at 150 fps will claim otherwise.

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