Broadband Catching On?

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It’s been a pretty standard refrain that broadband adoption has been disapointing. However, a number of analysts are pointing out that it’s actually been adopted much faster than many other new technologies. There are some disagreements, though, about what’s holding back further adoption. In general, most analysts seem to think that broadband adoption is coming, it’s just a little slower than some of the more optimistic people predicted. They point out that one of the biggest hurdles at this point is still the lack of compelling content online that requires broadband.

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Comments on “Broadband Catching On?”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

How about lack of ability to get it? I live practically in the shadow of Worldcom and AOL galactic headquarters, in one of the fastest growing, most affluent counties in America. I’m typing this on my ISDN connection. It’s my best option.
Actually, I’m quite happy with ISDN – for day to day work its great. Very stable. Its not great if you want to download gigabytes of MP3’s though. A 128 MB connection gets you about 1 MB per minute.

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