Dave Barry On Spammers And How Useful The Internet Is

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The latest Dave Barry column is an amusing look at how useful the internet is thanks to spam and internet porn. He points out that he now spends approximately half of his day deleting email or inadvertantly showing porn to his two year old daughter.

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Comments on “Dave Barry On Spammers And How Useful The Internet Is”

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Phibian (user link) says:

I love Dave Barry (and I am Canadian)

But some of his stuff is funnier than other stuff. His books are almost always 10 x funnier than the average column (not to say that the columns aren’t funny!)

I and a couple of friends used to read Dave Barry aloud, passing the book on when we could no longer speak from laughing. It was a great deal of fun.

My favorite book is Dave Barry Does Japan, which contains one of the funniest pieces on “classical arts” that I’ve ever read (“Somebody stab him again!”).

Ah, the memories 🙂

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