2600 Case Over

from the too-bad dept

Back in May, Robin Gross of the EFF made it sound like they really wanted to appeal the 2600 decision to the Supreme Court, but they doubted the Supreme Court would agree to hear the case, because it was only one case, as opposed to a number of differing decisions at lower courts that needed clarification. Now, it seems that 2600 and EFF have decided that it’s not worth the effort for a probable denial from the Supreme Court, though they’ll keep looking for other cases that challenge the bad clauses of the DMCA. The 2600 case, of course, was about the legality of simply linking to code that broke the DMCA. Not hosting the info, but just linking to it. The court found that the link alone violated the DMCA. It was a bad decision, but apparently more is needed to make it worth going to the Supreme Court.

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