Would ET Even Bother With Earth?

from the chances-are-slim dept

An article from Space.com takes a look at the probabilities of aliens actually visiting earth and concludes that they’re pretty slim. The article makes some assumptions in its arguments that people could argue with (if you feel like arguing), but either way, the chances seem to remain pretty small that anything off of this planet has a specific interest in the planet.

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Comments on “Would ET Even Bother With Earth?”

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1 Comment
Lee says:


>Why would space aliens visit earth?

Well for one it is a well known myth that space aliens thrive on pollution, ozone, smog, land fill and stuff like that. The more we mess up the planet the more we make it attractive for a hostile take-over.

All seriousness aside, an ET would visit us for the same reasons explorers in our history fanned across the planet.

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