Music Industry Swamping File Trading System With Spoofs

from the fun-for-the-whole-industry dept

There has apparently been a noticeable increase in “fake” or “spoofed” files showing up on various file trading systems lately. They’re generally blank sound files (the same length as the related song) or just a small part of that song repeated over and over again. Everyone seems to agree that these spoof files are coming from the music industry themselves. While no one will officially admit it, they certainly aren’t denying it – and they seem to indicate that it’s exactly what they need to do. All this is really going to do is make the various file trading systems one step better by forcing them to (finally) add some element of “trusted” users, trusted nodes, and trusted files. That’ll make life better for everyone (except some grumpy music execs who still insist that they really really can hold back the tide this time).

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Comments on “Music Industry Swamping File Trading System With Spoofs”

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acb (user link) says:

Trust metrics and file sharing

Urk. Let’s try that again…

The solution may involve trust metrics and a PGP-like “web of trust”. One experimental file-sharing/communications system which uses them is
The Circle. At the moment, they’re only used for news/gossip, but they could be extended fairly easily to find the most “trusted” user hosting a specific file, or to sort found files in order of trust.

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