Best Men Of Few Words Turn To The Web

from the the-web-to-the-rescue dept

I recently attended the wedding one of my old college roommates. His best man (another college roommate, who had known the groom since early childhood) made up his toast on the spot – and did a wonderful job telling some very funny stories while passing along his best wishes. The best man in that case is well known for his ability to speak extemporaneously about almost anything – so it was not a huge surprise to hear him give a great toast, without any real preparation. However, most people aren’t like that. In fact, most people have trouble coming up with a good toast even when they have time to prepare. There’s apparently such a huge fear for best men who need to give wedding toasts, that a large number of websites have popped up to sell you your best man speech. That’s right, all that history of you and the groom (you fill out an online form, of course), squished into some standard speech with pretested jokes. I can see the benefit of getting some ideas from the web, but I’m not sure that a completely “ghostwritten” best man speech seems appropriate.

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