Domain Registration Contest May Turn Venezuelan Into A Millionaire

from the keep-on-registering dept

Well, doesn’t this story bring you back to the days of domain squatting? It seems that a couple years ago Rufi Guerrero, a teenager in Venezuela, found out that the e?e character (?) character was going to be included in domain names. He bet a friend to see who could register the most such names before their money ran out. Guerrero won, by registering eight addresses for $15 each, including espa? and espa?, which combined may now sell for over a million dollars. Some are claiming that Guerrero’s registrations weren’t legit – since they were done before VeriSign officially started registering domains with that character.

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Comments on “Domain Registration Contest May Turn Venezuelan Into A Millionaire”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

GREEDY corporations - what a joke!

How typical is it that some GREEDY freaking corporation is trying to negate this kid’s legitimate claim to the domain names in question? Glad to see that he’s smart enough to have sought legal representation already – to ward off the slavering packs of corporate lawyers that are already circling around the prize like a bunch of avaricious VULTURES.

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