Let The 3G Price Experiments Begin!

What do subscribers want to do with 3G and how much are they willing to pay to do it? Those are the two big questions every operator would like the answers to. mm02, formerly known as BT Cellnet, is running a trial on the Isle of Man to try to get some answers to these two million dollar, er, million pound, questions. They’ve created four tiers of service for WAP, Consumer, SME and Enterprise users that range from 5GBP per month for 1MB of data to 80GBP for 100MB. You can check out the full pricing table here. The prices are high, especially when you consider that much of the content could be multimedia or web browsing. But the two questions we have are 1) will the Isle of Man provide representable or even projectable data and 2) can GPRS (which is on now) be optimized on the network and client side to provide 3G like data services at land line like prices?

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