Unwiring Public Schools

from the who-needs-wires? dept

There are 12,000 schools in NYC’s public school system. Getting them all wired seems like quite a task, so why not set them up wirelessly? IBM is working on setting up WiFi access throughout the NYC school system. It’s still a huge task, but they say they have the experience from having to wire their own offices around the world. Among the “different” challenges they face in schools is figuring out how to hide the access points to avoid vandalism.

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Comments on “Unwiring Public Schools”

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Chris (user link) says:

Why the rush?

What’s the rush to wire the schools? There is no connection betwen academic achievement and internet access at school. It’s just an excuse for the failing school systems. NYC already spends well over $10,000 per kid per year, yet Johnny still can’t read at his grade level. I think there are much bigger issues in the public system to address.

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