Verizon Bundling Services

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I never quite understood the point in breaking up AT&T, since it seemed like they could present nice bundles of services to their customers. However, they appear to have no interest in doing so. AT&T Broadband provides both my cable modem serivce and my cable TV service – and yet they refuse to consolidate the two onto a single bill – claiming that “those are completely separate businesses”. Meanwhile, it seems the competition has other (better) ideas. Verizon has announced plans to bundle long-distance, local, wireless and DSL services into a single package. This seems like a smart move that gives consumers what they want in one single package. We’ll see if it lasts – of if they’ll end up splitting them apart like other companies have.

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Comments on “Verizon Bundling Services”

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prashant says:

Re: Two bills?

Same in Mass, plus they offer digital telephone service (whatever that is). If you subscribe to all three services (cable, cable modem, telephone) you get a $15 discount and one bill. The reason for their regional differences probably has to do with the variety of cable operators they acquired and each one’s billing system. I’ve heard that billing systems are notoriously difficult to integrate and are usually the second or third highest cost after network buildout costs.

Bryan Price says:

Re: Re: Two bills?

Yeah, they offer that here too (I forgot about that till you reminded me). I don’t know about the discount, but that’s probably true too here.

ATT bought out Mediaone here, which was at least two other different entities here (I’m a transplant from Ohio, which in Columbus (hence the CMH) has been pretty the same companies since they started. At least untill Ameritech (now SBC) got into there.

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