BSA Making More Noise

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It seems that the recent report on software piracy didn’t attract enough attention for the BSA, so they’re yelling about it again. It seems that just about every major technology news source has picked up on this story, and the only one to actually think about how silly the points made by the BSA are is (not surprisingly) the Register. Their article points out why the $11 billion number is completely made up and useless.

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Comments on “BSA Making More Noise”

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Anonymous Coward says:

How DARE they!

How DARE the BSA puts out a report like this! They have no right WHATSOEVER to protect the intellectual property of the companies they represent. All software and music should be free of copyright, and people should be able to share and distribute it without having to suffer the wrath of GREEDY corporations!

Littlew0lf says:

Re: How DARE they!

Hey Mike, is it possible to add code that states on the bottom of every AC message: “This message likely brought to you by a yellow bastard from the BSA or Microsoft”? Seems like an awful lot of over-reactionary FUD coming from the AC folks lately.

“Lets not talk about the fact that BSA lied, that they are preaching FUD, lets just scream that everyone out there on the internet are ravenous criminals who would rather steal than buy, regardless to how responsible companies get about making their software reliable, affordable, and available.” — Anonymous Coward Lacky from Microsoft.

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