Spammers With Lawyers

from the uh-oh dept

Last week an Australian spammer decided to sue some anti-spammers who helped shut them down. It seems a spammer in the US thought that was a good idea. They’re now suing to keep their ISP from shutting them off – and also suing three anti-spam organizations they blame for getting them shut down in the first place. The three anti-spam organizations are interesting in just how different they are. The one I’m most familiar with, of course, is SpamCop, which does an excellent job reading through the headers of spam to find out who caused the problem. The spammer in question, though, claims that these anti-spammers are “sinister entities” who are “conspiring” to put them out of business. Seems a bit extreme. The lawsuit even accuses them of faking complaints about the spam. That’s quite a claim and I wonder how they’re planning on backing it up in court.

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Comments on “Spammers With Lawyers”

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1 Comment
Lee says:

LA law

Not Los Angeles law, but Louisiana law.

>Linford adds that Opt-In Marketing might get more than it bargained for. “If a spammer sued us we’d go straight for discovery, find out their real names and addresses, and forward that information to the FTC and their state attorney general,” he says.

That is an interesting statement.

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