But What Do We Want To Say To ET?

from the stay-away,-we've-got-enough-problems-already dept

A number of “messages” have been sent out into space over time for aliens to find, if by some chance, they happen across them. At the same time, lots of folks (often with the help of the SETI@home screensaver) are out there searching for signs of aliens trying to contact us. So, what do we say in response if they happen to contact us first? That’s the question some people are trying to answer, and there are a ton of different suggestions from people all over the world. They point out that the “first impression” we give could mean everything. That being said, one of the images they want to send out shows a human carrying another person to show “support and caring”. I looked at that picture for a really long time, and it really looks like the blue guy is trying to kill the other guy. I’m not sure that’s really what we want to show.

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