James Cramer Regrets TheStreet.com

from the what-was-he-thinking? dept

I’m generally not a big fan of people saying they regret certain decisions – unless they can give a really good reason why they did the action in the first place. I think too often people use “regret” as a scapegoat for actually taking blame for making a mistake. Saying you regret something isn’t the same as saying “I screwed up, and here’s why…”. Jim Cramer now says he regrets starting TheStreet.com. Interesting to hear from a guy who for years wouldn’t stop talking about how TheStreet.com was changing the world. Seems like he started believing his own hype. The rest of the interview with him, however, is quite interesting. He points out that he thought he could teach individual investors – but it turns out that they simply had too much to learn and very little interest in learning. He doesn’t think many people learned their lesson during the dot com era – and expects things to be just as crazy during the next investment boom.

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