Okay, Okay, We're Obsessed With Technology

from the now-leave-me-alone-with-my-gadgets dept

So, I don’t really think this is much of a surprise, but a Silicon Valley anthropologist has determined that folks in the Valley really are quite obsessed with technology. It’s difficult for us to put our gadgets down – and just as difficult (often) to separate our work from the rest of our lives. Of course, if you happen to like what you do for a living, I wonder if that’s really a problem? The writer of the article obviously seems to think it’s a huge problem, but points out that the anthropologists tried to keep their findings more objective. Honestly, while I can see how such things can be problematic in some situations for some people – I don’t see how the fact that we like technology is, by definition, a problem. Maybe we should all meet at Fry’s (described in the article as the “town square” of Silicon Valley) to discuss it. Of course, most of us would probably prefer just to hash it all out in an online forum.

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