Is Spam Okay For A Good Cause?

from the I-don't-think-so... dept

We’ve all certainly seen plenty of recent disputes where some individual or small company was being attacked by a large corporation, often with the intent of scaring them into submission in order to avoid a long and costly lawsuit. However, for the smaller player, while the internet is a great way to attract attention to their plight, it’s not always easy to figure out how to harness its power. So, is it okay to spam people to get attention if your cause is just? That’s the question that a Salon editor is asking after he was bombarded by emails about a dispute concerning the domain name. I think he comes to the wrong conclusion in this case. He thinks it’s okay, because it worked in getting his attention. However, there are other, much better ways to get attention – that don’t involve pissing off people with annoying spam emails.

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