The Amazing Shrinking Zaplet

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It’s been over a year and a half since I first wondered what the big deal was about Zaplets. It seemed like a technology that had no real purpose, that was being hyped up by a media that wasn’t actually using it (no one was). Last year they laid off a bunch of people, but tried to spin it by saying they just needed to get “the right people in the right roles” (since apparently, they’d been putting all the wrong people in wrong roles). The latest is that they’ve laid off another third or so of their staff. The article also details their continuing strategy change from consumer focus, to enterprise focus, to government focus. In all that time they’ve been able to sign up one large corporate customer. I still haven’t seen anyone explain to me how this technology is at all useful. It just takes a webpage and puts it in your email. The big “benefit” was supposed to be that you didn’t have to go check a webpage all the time. But, now you have to check back on the specific email. I don’t see the benefit.

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