No Ringtone, No Style

from the i'm-so-uncool dept

You know what they say about the reliability of online surveys… The Register has a story about an online survey from a WAP site (suggesting a survey taker bias already) saying that if you haven’t downloaded your own ringtone, you risk being called boring. In response, of course, I’d say that if you have downloaded your own ringtone, you risk being called annoying. The Register then goes on to point out some other results from this survey, including that about 70% of people surveyed would rather lose their wallet than their mobile phone, and about 90% say they’re addicted to their mobile phone. I’d say there’s a bit of self-selection bias going on here.

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Comments on “No Ringtone, No Style”

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LittleW0lf says:

This just in...

An online survey of three people on a personal vanity website only my best friends have access to revealed today that there is no intelligent life on the internet. You may all go about your non-intelligent lives… Also, a survey of one person (me,) and confirmed by several independant sources has revealed that the media, the RIAA/MPAA/BSA, and just about anyone else who matters wants us online folks to go broke buying their rediculously overpriced just because its on the internet wares. Hmmm, maybe this gives further credence to the first survey.

These damn statistics (read lies) have got to stop!

todd says:

Re: Time for a Poll, Mike

Mike, this one might be fodder for a TD poll:

What kind of ringtone do you have?

Personalized & annoying to all
Personalized and funny to me (but annoying to others)
Personalized and funny to everybody (yeah, right)
Standard because I’m lazy/indifferent
Standard ’cause I’d never have a personalized ringtone
Standard yet still annoying (as in the “Hooked on Classics” versions of ringtones).

I’m in the “Personalized and funny to me, but annoying to others” camp.

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