MP3s In The Car

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It wasn’t so long ago that a car that could play MP3s was a big deal on Slashdot – and required some geek with way too much free time on his hands to spend many hours and lots of money to retrofit his (or, less often, her) car with an MP3 playing system. Now, some cars are coming standard with MP3 playing systems. And, even if they don’t, you can pretty easily buy an MP3 ready car stereo from all of the major car stereo makers. Of course, you better get one now, before the RIAA decides that any such system will have a monitoring device – so each month you’ll get a bill for all the songs you listened to.

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Comments on “MP3s In The Car”

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Jakers says:

MP3s In The Car

I’ve been very happy with my Aiwa CDC-X417 CD Receiver with the front input jacks – plug in my iPod (or any portable MP3/CD player) and have removable 1,000+ songs. Detachable faceplate and portable device thwarts thieves. ID tags etc. all viewable. Can even create playlists for driving time so I don’t have to look at handheld. Equalizers and volume controls on the receiver as well as device. Mini remote on my steering wheel for the CD-player. These features not mentioned in most MP3-player-in-cars articles. Cheap too – got mine for $75 at Fry’s.

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