Sing A Song Of IT

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Someone sent me to ZDNet UK’s Corporate Anthem Charts yesterday and I wasted way too much time listening to them. I tend to try to post news articles and not direct links to various sites, so I’m relieved that they’ve also written an article detailing the latest moves up and down on the chart. If you haven’t seen it before, ZDNet is tracking the “popularity” (as determined by voters) of various corporate songs. It’s scary. Very very scary. The KPMG song that tops the list has been passed around for quite a while. You can waste a lot of time laughing at these songs. The SGI song has sentimental value to me because I actually have the CD they gave out that includes all their songs (they gave it to me many years ago when they were recruiting). Other favorites: I think the Asera song is amazingly funny and am upset to see it’s falling down the charts. It’s so bad that you can’t believe it ever was made. The IBM song is good for nostalgia purposes. The Sun-Netscape alliance video is classic. Unfortunately, it sounds as though, they’ve finally sorted out the lyrics to the MediaApps song. When I read them yesterday instead of “Do you read this mess with a corporate portal?” the best ZDNet could come up with was “Do you know the conger that ate poor Tom?” which was infinitely funnier (as were many other of the now “fixed” transcriptions). Who are these musicians and are they really as embarrassed as they should be?

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