Printing Photonic Circuits With Your Everyday Inkjet Printer

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EETimes has an article about some researchers who have figured out ways to “print” computer displays or photocell arrays onto any surface using a basic inkjet printer. This is pretty cool. It’s letting them create certain devices that are cheaper and better than was otherwise available. The process replaces regular ink cartridges with “polymer-based electro-optic ink” (I’ll leave it for Techdirt’s polymer chemist to explain what this means in a comment) – which is invisible. Thus, the printing can allow people to create useful “clear” items. For example, they “printed” solar arrays on clear plastic – so imagine when all of your windows might double as solar cells. It sounds like there are a number of potentially very useful applications of this technology.

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Comments on “Printing Photonic Circuits With Your Everyday Inkjet Printer”

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mhh5 says:


So “polymer-based electro-optic ink” means “we’re not telling exactly, but we can put together a bunch of technical terms that vaguely describe the material and sound impressive”….

But if you’re looking for some examples of a “polymer-based electro-optic ink”, just imagine that the naturally-occurring materials are what make fireflies and jellyfish glow.

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