Is Truste Trusty?

from the does-anyone-really-care? dept

Following the anger over the privacy policy changes at Yahoo, someone at Wired News noticed that Yahoo still had the Truste “trustmark” saying that it’s privacy policy was “trustworthy”. So, here’s an article looking at whether or not you can trust Truste. Basically, they say that a lot of people don’t think so anymore. Truste has started being run by the corporations – and it does very little to enforce the “spirit” of its trustmarks (a terrible word, I think). Anyway, I still wonder how many web surfers even know what Truste is, and how many of them ever look for the Truste symbol anywhere.

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Comments on “Is Truste Trusty?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

TRUSTe has nothing to do with security or privacy

TRUSTe has always been a scam to make people think online sites are secure/safe/trustworthy/etc. They do not now, nor have they ever actually verified anything except that the company “claims” to protect your privacy/be secure/etc. Since anyone can “claim” anything, TRUSTe is utterly and totally worthless.

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