Tough To Cancel Online Deals

from the please-define-web-services dept

Here’s a column saying that it’s difficult to get out of “web services”. Part of the lead in reads: “I am thinking about Web services — software programs that are delivered over the Web by subscription. They used to be called applications service providers a few years back.” Which makes you think he is actually talking about what is commonly known as “web services” today. However, the two examples he gives in the article MobileStar and Yahoo’s web hosting are not web services. MobileStar is a wireless ISP. Yahoo is hosting websites. The rest of his article makes a good point about how difficult it is to get out of a deal that was set up online – which is true. Most of these companies don’t make it easy to cancel. Amusingly, in the FAQ for MobileStar, it apparently tells you that you can cancel – but gives you not details. Even worse, Yahoo requires a signature to cancel – meaning it’s impossible to cancel online. As the article says, these offerings are online roach motels. You can check in, but…

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