Get Ready For 12 Digit Phone Numbers

from the keep-growing-and-growing... dept

It used to be, mentally, a phone number was 7 digits. You never had to worry about the area code. Now that I live somewhere that has something like 5 or 6 different area codes within stone throwing distance (and even my own area code often requires me to dial the area code for some local calls), I’ve had to mentally readjust. When people ask for my phone number I immediately start with the area code (and am surprised when other people don’t do that). We are running out of phone numbers. But, it’s a problem that people are working on, and one suggestion is to up the phone number length to 12. Have a four digit area code, a four digit “dialing prefix”, and then keep the last set at four numbers. I’m all for it. However, as they point out in the article, this sort of thing might make the Y2K bug look small. But maybe it’ll help with this unemployment problem we’ve been having…

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