Internet Filtering Trial To Start Next Week

from the yet-another-silly-law dept

I guess today has actually been “ridiculous legislation” day at Techdirt. We’ve already posted about the DMCA. And, then, this evening the dreaded CBDTPA showed up (formerly known as the SSSCA). Now, we can also talk about the silly library filtering law. Next week the ACLU will bring the law to trial and try to get it thrown out for interfering with free speech rights. If you hadn’t been paying attention, this law requires all libraries that receive federal funds to install filters (which don’t work) on all of their internet connected computers – or they lose out on their federal funding. Every one of these laws attempts to have the government stamp out a perfectly legitimate practice, that harms no one. The good news about this latest case is that it’s being heard by the same District Court that tossed out two other awful laws (the CDA and the COPA) – but many experts expect that no matter what the outcome, this one will end up before the Supreme Court.

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