Photocopier Rage

from the kicking-and-screaming dept

It turns out that when they’re not arguing over who should merge with who, the Canadian part of HP is spending their time putting out completely random surveys. The latest shows that over 10% of Canadians have experienced photocopier rage to the point of kicking or hitting the machine (30% say they almost beat the machine, but had enough restraint to hold back). The writer of the article took an informal survey around San Francisco, and discovered (not surprisingly) that photocopier rage is fairly common in this neck of the woods as well. This might explain why the scene in the movie Office Space where they destroy the copier/printer/fax/whatever machine is so popular.

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Comments on “Photocopier Rage”

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oh_fiery_one says:

No Subject Given

It doesn’t surprise me. We have a Minolta CF2002 with Fiery CF3102e and it is such a load of crap we feel like beating it to slithers of plastic. Time and time again they come to repair it and within no time it is out of service again with exactly the same problems. The dealer we bought it from a company called Samuel Zarragoza in Valencia Spain has the audacity to say that we call them out more than any other customer.

I would never touch another Minolta with a barge pole.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Minolta crap

Funny, they sorted that problem, now today another problem. We have a huge job to do for a customer that’ll make us a decent money and it packs up again with something different this time. Samuel Zaragoza in Lliria, Valencia, Spain the place the fotocopier was bought from take their typical laid back attitude that the guy will come along to fix it sometime. It doesn’t matter to them that they are being paid for maintenance and sloppy about it.

This time it says error P9 near trouble. Think they have the wording wrong. It should be ALWAYS TROUBLE. It really is an expensive heap of shite. 20,000 euros and nothing but bother.

oh_fiery_one says:

Re: No Subject Given

Whoops I fotgot to put the name in last time so it called me anonymous coward PHEW

Oh and Zaragoza is spelt that way not how I spelled it before. Silly me.

Anyway no comprar? una fotocopiadora de la marca minolta modelo cf2002 otra vez por que el sevicio y la maquina son mierda. Ok Samuel zaragoza en lliria valencia !

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