More Broadband Minutes Than Dialup

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As more and more people (finally) get broadband access, they’re also spending a bit more time online. Thus, the total number of minutes spent on the internet from broadband users has finally passed those spent online by dialup users. Of course, there are still plenty of people who are being forced to use dialup, but that’s what happens when broadband providers have no idea how to offer service. Anyway, a more interesting set of numbers would be how much more time – per person – broadband users spend online as contrasted with dialup users.

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Comments on “More Broadband Minutes Than Dialup”

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werty (user link) says:

Numbers are misleading

This “more broadband use” data doesn’t take into account the different ways people use broadband. Cable modems and DSL have always-on connectivity, and many high-bandwidth users leave their systems on for hours or days on end, to access computers from remote or simply to avoid startup time. I know this from experience: My parents are at their computers for maybe half an hour a day, but their computers (and IM programs) are running from morning to night.

Chadness (user link) says:

Always On

I leave AIM open almost 24/7 (ah, the joy of away messages). When I’m at home, I’m almost always on the computer working or chatting. When I’m at work, I’m on a T1 (which is broadband) and am using the Web quite frequently there, as well. So, if you actually count all those “always on” idle hours, combined with the hours that there’s actual activity…broadband would far outweigh dial-up in hours spent online.

Like was brought out above…numbers lie.

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