Dot Com Boom Is Just Beginning

from the we-ain't-seen-nothing-yet dept

Economist Brian Arthur (whose work is really worth reading) has pointed out that he thinks the “dot com boom” has only just begun. He compares the internet craze with prior boom and bust cycles and points out that many involved an early bubble period, followed by a bust, followed by the time when real money was made. I think, conceptually, most people do agree with this – though, they would take exception to the idea that it’s going to be a “dot com” boom. Instead, the internet will be seen as a useful tool, which people can use to make money off of by offering legitimate goods and services (as opposed to offering just equity supported by hype and hot air).

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Comments on “Dot Com Boom Is Just Beginning”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

Stupid blanket statements like this are F#$^#$%# inane and inspid. Gibberish bull$#^@#.

The internet is a god damn medium of communication. I wonder if there was all sorts of speculation of when and who and how people would profits would come as a result of the telephone invention.

its a god damn medium
some will leverage it succesfully
some will leverage it unsuccesfully
some will not leverage it

end of story.

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