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Fortune takes a stab at “getting beyond the hype” to hype up seven concepts they say really will be big deals, even if they have new buzzwords associated with them. They point out at the beginning of the article, after the last half of the 90s, most of these technologies are a bit more boring – and a bit more about getting stuff to work right, as opposed to grand ideas and cool gadgets. Of course, when you look at the list they’re the exact same things people have been predicting for the past ten years. The areas of interest are: (1) integrating all the various front end and backend systems you keeping adding (in other words, correcting the mistakes of the last decade) (2) web services (damn buzzwords) (3) collaboration (that one’s still around?) (4) personalization (I’ve heard this one before) (5) security (moving up in the world) (6) wireless (WiFi – the buzzword for the new millenium) and (7) portable storage (nudging out p2p – which, in theory, makes portable storage unnecessary).

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