Using The iPod For Virtual Shoplifting

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It seems that some folks (and now, thanks to this article, probably many more) have figured out a somewhat… innovative way to use their iPod. They walk into a computer store that has a Mac set up, hook up their iPod and transfer over whatever software they feel like taking that day. The entire article is based on an anecdote of one CompUSA worker, so it doesn’t sound as though this is a really widespread activity – and none of the companies involved seem that concerned about it. The article points out that you don’t need to use an iPod, as there are plenty of other portable hard drive devices – but the firewire drive makes things much faster than any USB connection.

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Comments on “Using The iPod For Virtual Shoplifting”

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1 Comment
Justin Tyme says:

Probably BS

Did you ever look at the software installed on a Mac in Compusa store, or most computer stores for that matter? Almost always the only stuff you will find is what comes preinstalled on the Mac, system, Explorer, some games. Almost never is there something valuable such as PhotoShop. The only exception is the Apple Stores where they have third party software installed.

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