The Digital Dividend

from the yes,-but-how-do-we-do-that? dept

MIT’s Technology Review has an article talking about creating a “digital dividend” to overcome the “digital divide”. The idea (I think) is that to get computers and technology to all different groups will take a lot of effort for businesses, with just a little pushing from government – as opposed to huge mandates from government. The guy who wrote the article is finishing up a book on the topic, so obviously, there’s a lot more to it. The article seems to leave out a lot of the details, which (to me) makes it seems very vague – and not particularly useful. He doesn’t explain why things should be done this way, or how he’s sure it will work. I do agree that the benefits to companies for getting more technology out there could be huge, but I’m not sure I understand how his proposal is any different than any other proposal – or what’s already happening.

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