Music Industry Blames Downloaders For Bad Year

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Ah, once again, the weak minded jump to the conclusions that best fit their perculiar viewpoint. The music industry is almost entirely blaming bad sales from last year on music downloaders. They trot out some study that they paid for (bias? what’s that?), and talk about how evil music downloaders are. They barely seem to notice that there’s a bit of a recession going on, which certainly could hurt music sales (they mention it, but seem to focus on those evil downloaders). And, of course, as they’ve always done, they refuse to admit that some music downloaders actually use it to discover new music that they then go and spend money on.

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Comments on “Music Industry Blames Downloaders For Bad Year”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Availability increases sales, period.

Having access to online music has made it possible for my family to accomplish the following:

  • determine if an entire album is worth buying, as opposed to just one catchy tune;
  • rediscover older/other works by artists we already know and love;
  • explore new genres that we would never have listened to if we had to pre-pay;
  • and find international artists that we simply don’t hear in the states (internet radio helps here, too).

And while I may be the exception to the rule, I appreciate the quality of a CD over a 128kbps MP3 enough to pay for it.

Result: we have spent more on music in the past 3 years than we have in the previous 7. RIAA, pull your head out of the sand and come on over, we have receipts to prove it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Good music == good sales

Has little to do with folks down loading music. Has mostly to do with the fact that the current crop of available music pretty much sucks. Does anyone really buy Brittany Spears, N’Sync & Back street boys music other than the 12 to 14 generation ? Music industry needs to realize that something that cuts across generations sales well, ie I’m right behind the kid in the check out line buying dave Mathews cuts. Give us better music, and we’ll buy it. Note, another Cher CD does not constitute better music.

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