Losing Email Is Cleansing

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An interesting column in the NY Times by an editor who had three years of her email wiped out by viruses. She was shocked at the emotional toll that losing the email had on her – though, apparently it’s quite common. She also says that after she got over the shock, it had an oddly calming effect on her, as she realized she could live without all those old emails. Interesting stuff, but reading that article just caused me to start burning CDs to back up the past 7 years of email that I have on this machine which I’ve never backed up anywhere.

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Comments on “Losing Email Is Cleansing”

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Rama Roberts says:


On a slightly related note- be careful with those CD backups. The jury is still out, but it seems even the best media these days still has a very limited shelf life. I wouldn’t trust anything critical on CDs without backing up the backups every other year or so. I’ve just started losing some of my burned audio discs, and they’re only 3-4 years old.

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