The NY Times Discoveres Mobile Phones

from the look-at-that dept

The NY Times is running a number of articles today about mobile phones. Nothing particularly new, but if you want a good summary of everything that’s going on, it’s not a bad place to start. You can read all about the various 2.5 and 3G networks the carriers are hyping (well beyond what they should). There’s also an article about how more people are using mobile phones, but they are growing increasingly pissed off with the level of service (as if there’s actually a “level” of service given). Then, there’s the inevitable comparison of the various features that the different carriers offer. The writer seems particularly impressed with the “Voice Command” of Sprint PCS and Nextel’s “Direct Connect” 2-way radio feature. Both are nice, but don’t necessarily seem worthy of ditching your other mobile phone provider.

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