Is It Possible To Live With Just A Laptop?

from the unless-you've-got-insane-requirements dept

David Coursey goes off on a long explanation as to why he can never live with just a laptop – which seems ridiculous to me. Basically, he describes his requirements – almost all of which I’ve accomplished over the past few years on my laptop (which is, realistically, the only computer I use), and seems to insist that they’re impossible. For example he talks about how he needs to be able to connect to a number of different networks in different locations. I do that all the time with my laptop. It’s not that complicated. I’m not sure why Coursey feels that having multiple computers makes this any easier. His last reason is by far the silliest: he is afraid he’d forget to bring his laptop to work each day. Stupidity isn’t necessarily an excuse for needing two (or more) computers. His argument reads just like an argument from someone with too much money explaining why he needs both a Porsche and a Land Rover while most people are out there getting by with their ten year old Ford Escort.

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