An Opening For Apple

from the hello-consumer-electronics dept

Business Week has suddenly gone completely pro-Apple. Their latest article is all about how Apple has a chance to take over the consumer electronics world. It’s an interesting article, but in the end, I just end up saying “well, of course”. That’s what people have been telling Apple for a while now – and yet Business Week is shocked to have just realized it. I’m all for Apple moving in this direction, but am waiting to see if they screw it up. There are plenty of things they should do. How they execute is the really big question.

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Comments on “An Opening For Apple”

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john says:

if they screw it up?

Er… I think the “if” in your third to last sentence is meant to be a “when”, right? Sure Apple can make pretty boxes and they do plenty of mutual ego stroking with design hipsters, but I’m not holding my breath for the day that Apple ousts Sony. “We can make a ____ player that’s works half as well, costs twice as much, but looks really pretty. We sure Think Different-ly than Sony.”

msykes says:

Re: if they screw it up?

🙂 If, when, whatever:-) I’m all for Apple expanding a little, Mp3 player, maybe a set top box… but I don’t think they should go too far. Consumer Electronics giant? I mean do we really want/need Apple Televisions, VCRs, telephones, home theatre receivers, DVD players that aren’t DVD-rom drives… seems like a bit much to me.

Of course “john” doesn’t get it either, it’s more like “works twice as well, costs 1.5 times as much”


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