Former Owner Claims Poverty, Slavery

from the the-saga-continues dept

For more than three years we’ve been following the saga of the domain. It appears (for those of you who haven’t been reading Techdirt for three years) that the domain was stolen in 1995 by forging some documents. After many years going back and forth over legal arguments, the original owner won it back – and was supposed to be awarded $65 million from the guy who stole it. That guy is now claiming poverty and saying he can’t even afford to buy toilet paper because all of his money is going to the real owner of the domain. Of course, I don’t see why this is anyone’s problem but his. He certainly made a ton of money off the domain that he stole, and just because he spent it all or managed it badly, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have to pay it out to the guy he stole from.

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