Microsoft UltimateTV Not So Ultimate

from the bye-bye dept

So, just last week, we were talking about how the Xbox could become the “home station” and I was wondering why no one was talkin at all about UltimateTV. It seemed odd to me that UltimateTV and Xbox remained completely separate. Well, now we know why. Microsoft has decided to shut down the UltimateTV division and assign many of the workers to the Xbox division.

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Comments on “Microsoft UltimateTV Not So Ultimate”

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Hooch says:

Not a failure

It’s funny to see everyone looking at this as a failure, when it’s the aggressive and smart move in the set top space. Tivo and Replay are great at ONE function. I would by XBox in a minute if it also had DVR functionality, etc. Don’t be surprised if you see a recordable DVD drive on V2 of this machine too. That’s far more interesting- and useful than all the crap on Moxi (the over-hyped competitor)

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