3G Or Not 3G?

from the don't-lie dept

Sprint PCS is gearing up to confuse customers even more. They’ve apparently convinced some reporters that their “high speed” service to be launched this summer is actually a “3G” service. The only reason they’re claiming this is so they can say they’re the first US carrier to launch 3G. Of course, what they’re talking about is not 3G at all, but since it seems that anyone can define 3G however they want Sprint is just saying it is. If you look at the technology Sprint is using, it’s much more comparable to any of the 2.5G services that plenty of other carriers are already rolling out. After all the talk about how wonderful 3G services are supposed to be, when people try to use Sprint’s new network and realize it’s not that cool, it’s going to hurt 3G’s reputation (as if it needs to be hurt any more).

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