Will Copy Protection Hurt Online Music Stores?

from the collateral-damage dept

An interesting article suggesting that CDs with copy protection may end up hurting online music stores. The thinking is that many people will be annoyed with copy-protected CDs and want to return them. Returns cost online stores a lot of money, and add an annoyance factor to customers who buy online. I thought the most interesting part is that neither Amazon nor CDNow would comment on the story. I’m still hoping that there’s enough customer outrage at copy protected CDs that the labels finally realize how stupid they’re being… but that’s probably wishful thinking.

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Comments on “Will Copy Protection Hurt Online Music Stores?”

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JC (user link) says:

Double dipping

It seems that the RIAA and the IFPI are trying to make money on both ends… Apparently the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 “clearly requires content owners to code their material appropriately to implement a basic compromise: in return for the receipt of royalties on compliant recorders and media, copyright owners may not preclude consumers from making a first-generation, digital-to-digital copy of an album on a compliant device using royalty-paid media.”

Apparently for every CD-R or cassette tape you purchase at your local store and every burner or tape recorder you buy, a portion already goes to the recording industry in exchange for your ability to create a copy for archival… Do you suppose that the RIAA just conveniently “forgot”??

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