Do We Want To Find Old Friends Again?

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I recenty had a discussion with a friend of mine about finding long lost friends online. A week later she received an email from someone she hadn’t spoken to in ages. A week after that I found an email address of a friend I hadn’t spoken to in about 10 years. Just yesterday I received an email from someone I went to high school with and hadn’t spoken to since. It seems there’s something going around these days that is causing people to contact lost friends. There’s a site in the UK called FriendsReunited which is for just that purprose. It sounds pretty similar to here in the US. However, the Register has a nice little article explaining why we might not want to reunite with long lost friends. Human nature has a way of letting people slip out of your lives and maybe that’s a good thing – according to the article. Humans are able to have a good relationship with only a limited number of people. I think the argument is pretty silly. What if we don’t like the people we’re friends with now (um… just kidding for my friends who are reading this) and preferred the friends we had many years ago? Actually, I think there are any number of circumstances that cause people to lose touch with each other, and it’s often very nice to regain contact with them.

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Comments on “Do We Want To Find Old Friends Again?”

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Lee says:

I needed to reconnect

Last year I finally found one of my high school sweet hearts, my first real intimate relationship. Now understand we were boyfriend and girlfriend 33 years ago and I lost contact with her when I went to Viet Nam. Anyway I just wanted to touch base and see how she was doing, how her life turned out, I wasn’t interested in picking up the pieces. We exchanged several emails, talked about our paths in life, spouses, children and such, then like before we went our separate ways. By the way she wasn’t listed at, but her high school has a web site with a section for alumni and reunions, I asked her class contact person to pass on my contact info.

Turn about being fair play, one of my other girlfriends found me. Similar to the other girlfriend we caught up with stuff, but in this case we still exchange email. She found me by doing a web search and found my home page.

Maybe it is a middle age thing, but a lot of my friends seem to be reconnecting.

Gracie says:

Re: I needed to reconnect

I found your post very interesting. I also recently felt a strong urge to find my old boyfriend of over 30 years ago. We planned to marry and then he cheated on me. I was crushed and when he came crawling back I couldn’t allow myself to be so hurt again. A few years later I married a wonderful man. We just celebrated our 32 year of marriage. For the past month or so i just can’t get this former boyfriend of 4 years out of my mind. I found his address online and sent him a letter letting him know where my life has taken me and asking him to let me know how he is. I feel in my heart that finally after all these years I could reconnect and not be worried about it going anywhere else. We will see where this goes.

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