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Making Money Off Spam

from the and-feeling-good-too dept

Sick of spam telling you how you can get rich quick? Well, why not get rich quick by suing the spammers? It appears that some people are getting better and better at suing spammers. The more people who sue, the more costly it gets to spam, and (hopefully) the less spam we will get. Of course, no one is really getting rich suing spammers, but damn, it must feel good. Of course, I’m half expecting to get a spam email one of these days advertising a quick and easy way to sue spammers…

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Comments on “Making Money Off Spam”

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1 Comment
alternatives() says:

The only way to effect spammers is to make it more

Right now the spammers (save the republican party spam I got last year asking me to vote for Bush) are sending spam hoping I’ll spend money with them.

If it becomes MORE costly to send spam than the money made off of it, the spam will stop.

The only way to make it more costly is to sue them.

*IF* you could get thousands of systems in a B2B network of charging for spam, selling the debt off to local (to the spammers) lawyers who sue for that debt, the word would get out NOT to send SPAM, or at least not to the members of that B2B network.

Why hasn’t this happened? No one has written the software.

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