Yahoo! Consulting!

from the oh,-please dept

In Yahoo’s never ending attempt to find some revenue that doesn’t involve pummeling their readers with ever more intrusive advertising, they’ve announced that they’re setting up a services group that will do consulting. Services group? Consulting? Yahoo!? Yes, it’s a bit odd, but apparently they think that companies will hire Yahoo! to tell them how to build a corporate portal. Seems like a stretch to me. If I were looking to build a corporate portal, I think Yahoo would be one of the last places I would look. Sure they built the consumer portal (and have tried to sell corporate portal offerings), but there are plenty of companies that have spent a lot more time looking into how to build a portal specific to the needs of businesses – and I’d tend to trust them more. Of course, if it works, then good for them – but only if they get rid of those damn pop up ads.

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Comments on “Yahoo! Consulting!”

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1 Comment
SB says:

No Subject Given

overpriced consultants are a product of a labor squeeze. thats over. those idiots wont make a dime off this dumb idea. but it may not cost them anything, unless they go out and hire new people to staff at clients. then again, they may only hire people as their projects are won, so its not a terrible idea, unlesss they hire tons of salespeople to sell the consulting, and they dont actually get any projects,…oh well, ive seen worse ideas, this isnt so bad. esp. if you have coders just sitting doing nothing….

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