Microsoft Locking People Out Of Gaming Site Due To Passport Glitches

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I would say this is turning into “pick on Microsoft week”, but let’s face it, when is it ever not a good time to pick on Microsoft? Anyway, in their ongoing quest to force every living human being (and probably some non-humans as well) to sign up for their questionable Passport system, Microsoft started forcing anyone who uses their Zone gaming site (where the fairly popular Asheron’s Call lives) to sign up for Passport. That’s annoying enough – but it turns out that many people who signed up found out that it didn’t work, and suddenly they were locked out of the gaming site. Now, it’s no big deal to lose out on a gaming site, but what if that was your bank account? Or your wallet? Why are we supposed to trust Microsoft with all of this stuff?

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Comments on “Microsoft Locking People Out Of Gaming Site Due To Passport Glitches”

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1 Comment
the captain says:

I know this sounds like a rant

And maybe it is…but what can we except from Microsoft? They don’t care about software quality, they don’t care about their customers, they only care about locking everyone in so they can get all your cash, whether you want it or not.

What annoys me is that some MS Drones still tell me, “well you have a choice…if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” but as a programmer and a gamer, even if I TRY to keep my use of Microsoft products to a minimum, its already at the point where I realistically can not, unless I change the way I live my life (ie: give up computers maybe).


Anyway…rant’s over.

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