Apple Needs Games

from the back-to-our-regularly-scheduled-Apple-bashing dept

While some accuse us of Apple bashing, I think it’s more “constructive criticism”. Here’s a Business Week article saying that Apple needs to work harder at getting the major game developers to release Mac versions at the same time they release PC versions. Many people today won’t go near a Mac, partly because they can’t play the leatest and greatest games. The article suggests that schools are ditching Macs for PCs because the kids are demanding the ability to play games (which could be a stretch…).

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Comments on “Apple Needs Games”

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Duffman says:

I agree

I think that having games released for Macs would definitely help Apple – it couldn’t hurt them, anyway. I’m a bit of a gamer, and I would consider owning a Mac more if there were more big games for it. The author of the article puts it very well – kids come in expecting PCs, not Macs now, because Mom and Dad have a PC. Putting games on Macs may not turn that notion on its face, but like I said, it couldn’t hurt. Most of the problem with Macs is not with the Macs (no problem there), but with their reputation in the hobbyist environment – solid system, but generally not used, or something for beginners and trend-followers (ie people who like flashy coloured things). I think the second is best illustrated by this comic. Anyway, my $0.02.

msykes says:

Re: I agree

Okay, that cartoon was hilarious, even though I don’t think I really understood the part with the cat! I think the key here is not that Apple needs *more* games released, but that it needs games released *faster*. I mean sure, more games might be nice, but the market is limited, and lots of the top games do make it out eventually. The problem lies in the eventually, heck I recently purchased Age of Empires II for the Mac, like what, 2 years after it came out for the PC?


PS: Some companies are doing well in this, I remember buying Diablo II only about a month after it came out for the PC, a month delay isn’t a big deal to me.

Duffman says:

Re: Huh?

The point of the article isn’t for adults using the Mac for games, it’s that kids coming into classrooms, who typically play a good amount of computer games at home, are playing said games on PCs instead of Macs, and are therefore more interested in continuing to use PCs. Games are viewed as a possible method to which get kids more ‘into’ Macs. It’s not saying that everyone has to play games on Macs. And yes, work should be the primary reason for computers, though most of the time, it ain’t. 🙂

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