Why Apple Should Make An iPod For Windows

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A column telling Steve Jobs why he should make a version of the iPod for Windows. The suggestion is to make it a different color (black) to distinguish it from the Mac version. The basic argument, though, is that if Apple doesn’t do it, someone else will come out with some sort of clone for PCs, and then Apple will lose out on all those sales. Of course, Apple still appears to think that the iPod may drive others to buy a Mac instead, so they have different reasons for keeping it Mac-only.

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Comments on “Why Apple Should Make An iPod For Windows”

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Bill Kearney says:

it's about availability

To me this seems more like it’s about availability not keeping the product from Windows users. Think about it, Apple doesn’t manufacture this device. The contracted vendor can only ramp up and supply a given number of them. Selling this to the largest user base on earth would crucify their supply line.

Sure, it’s about building brand awareness. They could be thinking this is a vehicle to increase Macintosh sales. Then again, Apple is known for it’s sales stupidity. They could be just so damned naive as to completely ignore the MILLIONS of dollars in sales to Windows users. They’ve been this stupid before; aka Newton Connection Kit.

I say the shareholders ought to sue Apple for being so irresponsible.

mhh5 says:

Re: it's about availability

Heh. Apple has never really worried about their supply meeting demand. Whenever a new powerbook is introduced, they *always* seem to create a situation where they can’t ship as many powerbooks as are ordered. Apple *likes* to create artificial demand>supply to eliminate inventory….

I suspect the real reason why there’s no ipod for Windows is that they’re waiting for ipod to become a success first, then they’ll introduce modifications. When the first imac came out, you couldn’t get them in multiple colors either….

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